Tsunami Premium Hemp CBD

All Tsunami Hemp CBD is grown and extracted in the US. All natural and vegan.

Third Party Safety & Potency Testing

Every batch of Tsunami Premium Hemp CBD undergoes lab testing at state licensed facilities to ensure consistent and proper dosage as well as a final product that is safe and free from poisons, pesticides, and heavy metals.

CBD Isolate

The key to understanding this term lies in the scientific meaning of the word ‘isolate.’ An isolate is the purest form of any compound produced by extracting it from its source and then isolating it from all other compounds.

Full-Spectrum CBD

In a nutshell, full-spectrum CBD contains complete, extract from the whole plant. There are thousands of different Hemp strains and each one of them have unique combinations of cannabinoids that all provide a variety of different medical benefits. All Tsunami CBD has less than 0.3% THC.