Tsunami Premium Glass

All Tsunami Glass is designed and developed in the US.

Learn About Our Percolators

Honeycomb Percolators are shaped to effectively filter smoke, with round discs fitting seamlessly in the tube of the water pipe and small holes designed for swiftly diffusing the smoke. They deliver full filtration with surefire cool hits.

With an assortment of rods that look like tree limbs, Tree Percolator tubes offer ample diffusion built with highly-durable borosilicate glass.

As opposed to a Downstem, Inline Percolators contain horizontal tubes with numerous slits, allowing for more percolation.

Located in the center of the water pipe, Matrix Percolators offer plenty of space for cooling smoke, conveniently constructed for a steady grip.

Turbine Percolators are uniquely formed to allow water to travel up the sides of the pipe, offering stellar filtration with superb looks. They blend a crystal ball perc with a turbine perc to complete the diffusion process.

With even more holes than Honeycomb Percolators, Fritted Disc Percs fill the water pipe with bubbles, creating a forceful array of smoke for inhaling.

Showerhead Percolators direct smoke down into other percolators with various amounts of slits using a tube that connects to the main chamber to bring smoke back through a larger tube.

Known also as a coil percolator, Spiral Percolators produce smoother, longer drags by transporting smoke through the coil and increasing cooling potential. The process is visually stimulating, and the water pipes’ ice catcher prevents internal leakage.

Faberge Egg Percolators can be paired with other percolators for allowing smoke to filter and spread out, giving the bubbles more surface area. While being aesthetically pleasing, smoke is diffused for amazing hits.

A common inclusion in water pipes, Downstems are tubes that sit in the main water chamber, creating an improved airflow. Whenever necessary, they can be easily removed, cleaned and/or replaced.